Welcome Aboard & Tick list – Eshop


    Logo info - If applicable e.g. * Send us over the website addresses of some logos you like on other websites & the colours you want for the logo

    Also need info @ bottom - If applicable e.g. * start it with an astrix and leave 1 line spacing between each line


    * 2-3 paragraphs about the business for the Home page e.g. overview of business, Mission statement, why people should choose you etc.

    * 2-3 paragraphs about the business for the About page e.g. Your experience, Qualifications etc.

    * Any brands or partners logos you want placed on the website

    * All the contact info you want on the website i.e email, phone numbers, skype etc.

    * All the social media URLS to your company e.g. Facebook, Linkedin, twitter etc.

    * Any links to websites you like the look of with a line saying what you like e.g. Colours, layout, images etc.

    * The colours you would like to the website to be

    * Any images or documents you want uploaded to the website.

    * The email address for your Paypal or Stripe to receive payments to

    * The product information. If you can send over each product in a separate email to us in the following format:

    - Put the Product Title as the email subject: Men's Black T-shirt

    - Included in the body of the email:

    The product Description - At least 2 sentences but can be as long as you would like.

    The available sizes (if Applicable) e.g. S, M, L, XL etc.

    The available Colours (if Applicable) e.g. Red, Blue, Green etc.

    Any other Variable (if Applicable) length, quantity etc.

    The Price of the product e.g. £9.99 for all products OR or a price for each variable if different

    Attach the images of that specific product to the email OR send us over a link to the specific product images on the suppliers website.


    Once we have this we can get the website booked into production and a preview link sent over ASAP.

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